Tribunal Statistics

The MOJ has published the tribunal statistics for April to June 2018. Here are the key figures:

• number of single claims lodged increased by 165% compared with the same quarter last year. Tribunal fees were abolished in July 2017, so this is a reliable figure as April to June 2017 was the last full quarter when fees were in force.

• the number of single claims outstanding rose by 130% compared with the same quarter last year. HM Courts & Tribunal Service is in the process of recruiting more employment judges, which will help reduce the backlog in the medium to longer term.

• there have been 12,400 fee refund payments made since the fee refund scheme was introduced, totalling just over £10m.

• disability discrimination cases had the largest average award (£30,700). Religious discrimination claims had the lowest average award (£5,100). The average award for unfair dismissal awards was £15,007.

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First book by Counsel Mr Julian Hunt on law of Houses in Multiple Occupation

Foregate Chambers are pleased to announce the publication of the first book by Counsel Mr Julian Hunt on law of Houses in Multiple Occupation –  The Law of Houses in Multiple Occupation: A Practical Guide to HMO Proceedings by Julian Hunt published by Law Brief Publishing available at

This useful primer will be of great help to all landlords and agents navigating the difficult task of handling prosecutions and the vast regulation in managing such properties. It sets out in an easy to understand format the law and the potential consequences for landlords who do not abide by the HMO regime.

Julian Hunt comments: “I look forward to agents and landlords of HMOs having this timely book in their arsenal especially as the licencing regime for HMOs is due to expand with the licencing of all properties with five or more tenants unrelated from October this year. At a time of greater returns for HMO investors and their lawyers must be aware of the greater risks from falling foul of HMO regulations. The fact this book can and has been written shows the unique regulatory regime HMO agents and managers face compared to other property owners.”

Julian Hunt is a barrister, called in 2005, and has a vast amount of experience in representing landlords and agents caught in criminal and civil HMO proceedings.

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