Public Access

Members of the public can now go directly to a barrister without having to instruct a solicitor first for most types of straightforward cases.  Some cases which are unsuitable for Public Access are those which are Legally Aided and some that involve children. We will tell you if your case is inappropriate for Public Access and you would benefit from the involvement of a solicitor.

Generally, a Public Access Barrister can: give you legal advice, draft documents, advise you on legal procedures, prepare witness statements, draft letters and help you choose suitable experts.  However, a Public Access Barrister cannot: issue proceedings or other formal applications on your behalf (although s/he can assist you to do this yourself); s/he cannot instruct an expert on your behalf or take responsibility for the handling of your affairs or money.  

Fees are agreed with you at the outset and will be limited to certain steps once the barrister has had a chance to consider your case and the complexities involved.  We will advise you what the costs are likely to be for the next stage as your case progresses.

Further information regarding Public Access can be found at The Bar Standards Board or via the Public Access pages ” Guidance for Lay Clients” on the Bar Council website.