Nicholas Baker (1980)

Public Access Accredited

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  • Family : All Children and Finance including IPFDA
  • Divorce, Matrimonial Finance, Children and Child Care
  • Contested divorce, nullity and foreign jurisdictional issues


Reassuringly traditional and supportive, Nicholas has a wealth of experience in the following areas of Family Law:-

Freezing orders and protection of assets

Costs including interim orders

Schedule 1 Children Act 1989

Property Ownership

Children Act Part II

Removal from the Jurisdiction

Care Proceedings

S.20 accommodation

S.38(6) applications

Interim and final orders

Placement Orders
Special Guardianship

Part IV Family Law Act

Ancillary Relief

Conduct of high value ancillary relief disputes including consequential relief and enforcement, assets both within and without the jurisdiction.

Has been involved in cases where assets have been concealed abroad, or held in confidential overseas bank accounts, tied up in working farms or have been acquired as a result of lottery winnings

Has recently acted in a case where jurisdiction was disputed (BII) and valuable property and exceptional items of personally were held abroad and needed to be preserved

Child – Care

Regularly instructed in child care proceedings both in the High Court and County courts, acts predominantly for Children’s Guardians but also for Parents, Intervenors and Local Authorities.

Cases that have involved multiple deaths, serious injury through neglect or physical assault, sexual abuse (including internet exposure), allegations of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and the recovery of children from abroad.

Has wide experience selecting experts and the cross-examination both of experts and child witnesses.

Has experience of appeals, High Court/Court of Appeal

Has recent experience of:

High Court proceedings involving an initial trial concerning the reopening of serious findings, an appeal to the Court of Appeal and a subsequent re-determination of the findings

High Court multi-handed intergenerational allegations of incest where specialist inquiries had to be undertaken at exceptionally short notice to establish paternity

High Court causation hearing on behalf of a Mother, involving multiple allegations by a child of serious physical cruelty in which a favourable result resolved the public law issue

Private Law

Acts for parents/grandparents/children/Guardians and the National Youth Advisory Service

Has been involved in high profile residence and contact disputes involving children within and their removal from the jurisdiction

Cases have involved parties suffering mental health, foreign/cultural issues, idiosyncratic sexual orientation and involving psychological/biological issues of parenting

Has experience of dealing effectively with issues of implacable hostility and difficult/intimidating clients

Nicholas is accredited under the Public Access Scheme for direct instructions.


Family Law Bar Association (FLBA)

Notable Cases

Re K (Supervision Orders) [1999] 2 FLR 303

Re L (Care Proceedings: Cohabiting Solicitors) [2000] 2 FLR 887

LS v JS (Appeal: Costs) [2012] EWHC 2960 (Fam)

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