Cross-Border Bankruptcy Law

Michael CONLON is a barrister based firmly in the school of thought that fairness should prevail and common sense apply to all matters financial in the real world. Given this, he has made it his business to assist Irish entrepreneurs in the depths of indebtedness to move their Centre of Main Interest (COMI) in such a way legally as to enable them to become bankrupt under UK law. An in-depth knowledge of cross-border insolvency and EU Law has been the saviour for his clients in this field.

In the first case of its kind since the amended Insolvency Act 2006, Michael Conlon, in 2017, took on the challenge to appeal the decision of the Adjudicator to refuse the application of an Irish business man for bankruptcy under UK jurisdiction and EU Law where he had the onerous burden of a debt to the tune of 1.2 billion Euros.  Battling seemingly unassailable false allegations of failure to move COMI and salting away non-existent assets, Michael Conlon guided the debtor in careful preparation and research to set out the evidence necessary in the presentation of his appeal.

Probably the most knowledgeable barrister in this area of law, Michael may be instructed via Foregate Chambers and his very efficient clerk Julia Vaughan.”